Google AdWords Campaign Spreadsheet

If your company is big enough, you either outsource your Internet pay per click advertising or you assign it to an employee (and hope that he or she will do an adequate job).

If you own a resume writing consulting firm or you build garages in Chicago, you may be tempted to begin with Google PPC (pay per click) advertising on your own.

Small Firms need a Google AdWords Campaign Spreadsheet

My Google AdWords campaign spreadsheet has two tools built into it.

  1. Google AdWriting Tool.  This tool is incredibly easy to use.  It’s for writing Google AdWords ads.
  2. Google AdWords Profit Loss Estimator.  This tool is more complex.  It’s for estimating the potential for profit or loss before you begin a Google AdWords campaign.

Google AdWriting Tool

My Google AdWriting Tool blog post has a complete write-up on the use and logic behind this tool.  But here’s the short version of why this tool is such a timesaver and fun to use.

When you type in your Google AdWords ads, my Excel spreadsheet tells you if the ad is too long for Google.  It’s a time saver.

If you’re new to Google AdWords and think it’s easy writing those ads without worrying about their length, you’re wrong.  Write the ad on a napkin at Starbuck’s or write them with Microsoft Word, it’s unpleasant.  Counting your letter length for the ad format (25 – 35 – 35) is unpleasant.

My Google AdWords ad writing tool makes the task easier, using Excel (download at the end of this post).

Google AdWords Profit Loss Estimator

This is the hard part, isn’t it?  If you’re an entrepreneur or small business person, you absolutely need a spreadsheet for this task (download at the end of this blog post).  As an online marketer, here’ my simple Google AdWords Profit Loss Estimator spreadsheet.

Google PPC Campaign Estimator


  1. Baseprice – I’m selling a product at $20 that I hope people will renew on monthly.  That’s why cell B7 is $20 and C7 is $60.
  2. Cost per Click – Even though Google estimates my CPC at 75 cents, I hope they’re wrong.  If the cost per click is 25 cents, my test campaign has a chance.
  3. Daily Budget – I’m willing to wager $20 a day for a few days to test the campaign.  If it can sell profitably as a test campaign, I’ll advertise as much as I can up to $100 per day.
  4. Conversionrate – Years ago I converted at between 1 and 1.25 %.  It was an ugly little website that had no stickiness.  All it had was a sales page that was done by me.  Now that I know WordPress I’ve built a website that has value where there’s a greater chance a visitor will stick around and join my email opt-in list.  Hope so.  If it can just sell profitably, I’ll get a professional copywriter for my landing page(s).
  5. Dailynet – Green is for money.  Currently I estimate the test campaign will break even.  If it breaks even, I have a chance to alter it and make a profit.

Will it run at a profit?  Column B is a breakeven analysis.  Column C is the blue sky analysis where my wife is shocked with income magically appearing in our checking account via PayPal.

Campaign Spreadsheet Complications

My Google Adwords PPC spreadsheet is for selling an ebook. 

If you’re selling new garages your estimates will be different.  My only cost was Google AdWords.  If you’re a business owner with a team of garage builders sitting idly by, you have different costs to add to your spreadsheet. 

If you’re thinking of outsourcing a Google AdWords campaign to someone then you need to add that cost structure to your spreadsheet.  Google AdWords experts don’t work for free.

Download the Google AdWords Campaign Spreadsheet

My Google AdWords campaign spreadsheet has two tools built into it.

  1. Google AdWriting Tool.
  2. Google AdWords Profit Loss Estimator.

If you’re good with Excel, you can easily build the spreadsheet described in this blog post.  Or, you can download Your Excel Coach’s Google AdWords campaign spreadsheet.

Whatever you choose to do, best wishes on profitably running your Google AdWords campaign.

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