My name is Richard and I have taught thousands of students how to use Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, and other software packages in the Chicago, IL USA metropolitan area.

The World’s Shortest Excel Book

Around 2001 or 2002, my students dared me to write a book on Excel.  I researched the idea and decided that I had a much better chance of “publishing” my book if I wrote an ebook and sold it myself through the Internet.  Wow, that became a journey.

Using what little I knew about Internet marketing I sold my Excel ebooks profitably at http://www.techspectrum.com/excel-tutorial.htm in over 40 countries.

I met a lot of nice people selling The World’s Shortest Excel Book and some other good things came from learning Internet marketing.  But during the last decade I returned to large corporations for computer training assignments and left The World’s Shortest Excel Book quietly making money on the Internet, and helping people with Excel.

Computer Training has Changed

Computer training has changed a lot during the last decade, and I’m changing with it.

There are less and less Microsoft computer courses.  That’s because the kids who grew up with my kids are now adults and all of them know Microsoft Word and PowerPoint well enough to never step into a computer training room again.

But Excel is different.  It’s not as easy to learn as Word or PowerPoint (and yes my secretarial friends, I know how incredibly difficult MS Word can be).  People still need help with Excel.  They’ll always need help with Excel.

Teach the World

Earliar in this decade when I told my wife I saw computer classroom training declining, she spoke the truth, as always:

Teach the World.

That’s what she said, and she was right.

The Internet means I can help people with Excel from any country in the world.  Give me a high speed Internet connection and I can train people privately with Webex or teach webinars to groups of people.  Now I can sell my ebooks and actually maintain a private Excel forum where I help people get better with Excel.

Thanks for encouraging me to build Your Excel Coach.

I’d like to thank some of my old clients from Singapore, Mexico, the U.S., and Great Britain for sending me their encouragement to become Your Excel Coach.  I look forward to meeting old friends on the Internet and making new friends in China, India, and other places I’ve never seen.

Years ago I almost became a linguist because I loved languages so much (I still speak a decent Russian after 35 years).  Now I get to enjoy the languages of the world, coach Excel, and help new people.

If you’re a customer from years ago, please leave a comment so we can get back in touch.  Thanks to everyone for visiting my website, Your Excel Coach .

Best Wishes from Chicago, IL USA.


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