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I enjoy Excel questions.

So feel free to ask me a question about Excel.

Maybe it’s a question on technique?  Or maybe your husband needs a spreadsheet for keeping track of his hours as he works?  If its a bit more complex I’ll ask you to send me the Excel spreadsheet itself (you can put in fake numbers or strip off the titles).  If I receive an Excel spreadsheet and improve it, I will probably put it on this website.

Just leave a comment on this page and I’ll read it.  You will need to leave a legitimate email address.

If the comment interests me, time permitting, I’ll send you an email and write up my answer for this blog.

I do get a lot of questions, so please don’t be offended if I don’t answer your personal question about Excel.  But I will pick some questions to answer since I am Your Excel Coach.

Remember, add comments to this page with your Excel questions.


Ask me a question — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Richard,

    Congratulations on your new site, WordPress used as a website instead of only a blog – excellent choice! I ordered your Excel course many years ago.
    In the near future I will be launching a startup for web development and brand development using social media tools and strategies. I will let you know when I’m ready and will see if you’d be interested in a trial package, with a goal to increase your brand awareness and number of visitors (= more subscribers/students).

    Best regards,

    William Morris,

    • William,
      Thanks for commenting, and purchasing my ebook years ago.
      A few years ago I provided online consulting to a well known manufacturer of iPod related products. Initially they were a customer of my training services.
      I’m enjoying WordPress for blogging and for websites.
      Good luck on your web development and brand development ventures.

  2. Richard,
    Further to your ‘ask me a question’ page, I did contact you about an excel spreadsheet which transferred individual results to a cumulative results page, in respect of 10 indoor bowls leagues, each league having up to 14 teams competing. I had agreed to take over this responsibility but could not work out how the tables worked, although pivot tables seemed to be incorporated. Perhaps you didn’t receive my query, but it’s coincidental that your next topic is ‘whose spreadsheet is this?’. The leagues operation starts this month and I wonder whether you can assist me?

    Many thanks in advance,
    Trevor Durbidge UK

    • Trevor,
      Thanks for your email.
      If you respond to my email with your bowling spreadsheet and a specific question, I’ll take a look at it.
      Your Excel Coach

  3. Hi Richards
    It been a while since you sent me your ebook [2005] but now I have my own book keeping business and have your book as a resource on my web site for my client to use.

    Thanks heaps

    Warren in Australia

    PS Good to see you are still alive and kicking

    • Warren,
      I am indeed alive and kicking.
      I’m glad my ebook helped you 7 years ago.
      Here’s hoping that with 7 years of experience behind me that I can make Your Excel Coach even more successful than ever. I look forward to meeting new people from around the world, using GoToMeeting for training, and a user group for exchanging ideas. All good things will come in their time.
      Thanks for your email.

  4. Hello, I used paypal and bought the Excel Book. I haven’t recieved it yet.
    My email is
    My name is Eric FergusoN
    Please send the book.
    Thank you for the PMP Tips. I have the 47 processes on individual index cards laid out in a grid on the family room floor.

    • Eric,

      Five hours after your purchase I emailed a zip file to your email address. Check your “spam folder” to see if my email is stuck there.

      Are you also a PMP student?


  5. Ok. i found it.
    Yes, I am studying for the PMP. I just completed a bootcamp and I am currently going through Kim Heldman’s Study Guide,

    Question: In your opinion do I need to memorize ITTO’s?

    • Eric,

      On 4/10/2014 you purchased TWSEB. Within 5 hours I emailed TWSEB to you. On 4/15/2014 you found it, correct?

      I don’t think anyone can memorize ITTO unless they have a rare photographic memory. I have told PMP students of mine to “actively” memorize the 47 processes. As for ITTO, you should know that information “passively”. Make sense?

      I actively know the English language. I passively know enough Russian, German, and perhaps Spanish that I could walk into any restaurant in those countries, order some simple food, and pay my bill. Make sense?

      Best Wishes,


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