PMBOK 5 – PMP, The “47” Processes

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PMBOK 5 – Learning the “47” Processes to Pass the PMP

For the price of a cup of coffee and a pastry, I’ll be glad to email you my “47” processes spreadsheet.  As soon as I created my own “47” brain dump with memory tricks, it was much easier remembering the “47” processes.

$4.95 U.S.

I’ll email my Excel spreadsheet to you within 24 hours of purchase.  I’ll also email you the Microsoft Word study guide template I used to record all my PMP notes (see the end of this blog post).

My YouTube Video Explains How I learned the “47” Processes to Pass the PMBOK 5 PMP Test

Here’s my YouTube video that’s watched 2000 times a month on YouTube discussing the 47 processes.  Of course, you could build your own spreadsheet, it just takes time.  Or, go to the end of this page, buy me a cup of coffee and a pastry, and I’ll email you my “47” spreadsheet.

Satisfied PMP Students Around the World

I’m very happy to be emailing my “47” Excel spreadsheet with its memory tricks to people around the world.  I’ve started keeping track of my “47” spreadsheet as I send it to PMP students.  I know I have emailed more of my “47” spreadsheets to the Middle East, India, and Europe.  I’m looking forward to sending copies to South America.

47 PMP Processes - World Map

Get Serious about Passing the PMP, Learn the “47” Processes

You should be able to write down the “47” processes in 8 minutes or less just prior to taking the PMP test at a Prometric testing center.  You absolutely need to do a “47” brain dump on paper to pass the PMP.

Get started today, purchase my “47” spreadsheet, and easily learn the PMP processes with my learning techniques.

$4.95 U.S.

(Click the Buy Now button and pay with PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.)

I’ll email my Excel spreadsheet to you within 24 hours of purchase.  Check both your Inbox and Spam folders for my email with your purchased products.  If you think your product was not emailed, leave a private comment on this page.  I read my website comments every day.  Thank you.

BONUS:  My Microsoft Study Guide Template

PMP Study Guide - Table of Contents

After a few months of PMP studies I decided I had to get very organized in studying the 47 processes.  My document began with about 50 blank pages.  When I was done typing my notes, my PMP Study Guide was 170 pages long.

I built a Microsoft Word outline template that allowed extensive outlining, had a table of contents for quick reference, and even had an index for PMP terminology I had trouble remembering.

This is a highly complex, blank, MS-Word outline template that’s ready for you to enter your own notes.

Purchase my “47” spreadsheet and I will gladly email you my PMP Study Guide template as a “thank you”.

Best Wishes on Passing the PMP,

Richard Kraneis, PMP
Chicago, IL USA


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    • Murali,

      For now, I provide the YouTube video on the “47” processes for free.

      If you wish to purchase my “47” spreadsheet with its easy way of learning the PMP processes, just purchase via PayPal and I will send you the spreadsheet AND my Microsoft Word PMP template for building your own great PMP notes.

      Thank you.


    • Mohammed,

      Please visit for my most up to date PMP learning products.

      I currently am not teaching PMI required 35 hours of PMP training. But I do sell spreadsheets for remembering the “47” processes, Skype consulting for PMP students, and I am planning PMP Study Group webinars for March 2015.

      Visiting my would be a good way to start following my services.

      Thank you.

      Richard Kraneis, PMP

    • Tamra,

      There is no “link” to the spreadsheet. I manually email the spreadsheet to customers.

      I email deliverables always within 24 hours.

      When I sell enough “47” spreadsheets, I will build an automatic delivery system. Thanks for being a customer.


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