The American Jobs Act 2011 Spreadsheet

President Obama and the White House for the United States have provided a pdf file for the American Jobs Act 2011.

But as an Independent voter (and as Your Excel Coach), I can’t find the Excel spreadsheet version of the American Jobs Act for 2011.  I don’t know if one exists.

(As an aside, I live in Chicago, IL USA and voted for President Obama in 2008.  I am a political independent.)

Can’t find the American Jobs Act 2011 spreadsheet on the Internet

I can’t find a simple spreadsheet depicting the American Jobs Act 2011 on the Internet.  It is reported that American Jobs Act 2011 will cost 447 billion U.S. dollars.  So obviously, somebody added up the various programs for a total.

The American Jobs Act for 2011

  1. It’s 155 pages long.  There is no table summary of the programs equalling 447 billion dollars.
  2. There is no chart depicting any “slices” of this $447 billion dollar pie.
  3. There is no table summary, spreadsheet, or chart depicting the costs and how the new program will be paid.

The American Jobs Act for 2011 on the Internet

Using the keyword phrase American jobs act 2011 spreadsheet I searched Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  Here are my results.

  1. Google – I searched the 1st 2 pages of Google.  No spreadsheet or summary of expenses/revenues.
  2. Yahoo – Same as above.
  3. Bing – Same as above.

If you can find anything on the Internet from the White House (I don’t want secondary sources) regarding the American jobs act 2011 spreadsheet, please leave a comment for this post.

White House Blog and The American Jobs Act for 2011 spreadsheet

I did skim the White House Blog on the American Jobs Act for 2011.  They offered expanations but no simple spreadsheet or table of expenditures totaling $447 billion.  Neither did they offer any table or spreadsheet regarding payments for the jobs act.

Sent a request to the White House today

I am sure the White House has many thousands of emails a day.  I hope my email bubbles to the surface.  I think any bill as important as the American Jobs Act 2011 needs an explanatory Excel spreadsheet indicating program expenses and expected revenues.  My email to the White House was sent approximately Monday, September 19, 2011.  As soon as a I receive a response, I will post an update.

Sent a request to my Senators and Representative

I live in Illinois so I sent a respectful request for the American Jobs Act 2011 spreadsheet to my two Senators and Congressman.

  1. Senator Dick Durbin.
  2. Senator Mark Kirk.
  3. Congressman Mike Quigley.

Those emails were sent approximately Tuesday, September 20, 2011.  As soon as a I receive a response, I will post an update.

If you find the Missing Spreadsheet, Contact Me

Spreadsheets affect our lives whether we know it or not.  In our personal lives, at work, in our government, spreadsheets work behind the scenes whether we acknowledge them or not.  I think the spreadsheets of our lives are important, and a worthy topic for Your Excel Coach.

If you should find the actual spreadsheet for The American Jobs Act, 2011, please leave a comment on this blog post so I can contact you.  Thank you.

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